Who we are

Framework Education is an action tank and online medium focused on education that was founded by Teach For Austria Alumni in 2018. It now spans all of Europe, connecting teachers, Teach For Alumni and other education stakeholders. Framework Education members are organized in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Latvia and Iceland. With its office located in Vienna, Framework Education is registered as an association in Austria.

Our Team

Lennart Reymann
Lennart ReymannFounder - Austria
With a scientific background in International Development and Communication Science, Lennart Reymann started as a Teach For Austria Fellow at the prevocational school “Im Zentrum” in 2014. In 2015 he initiated a project class, focused on language acquisition in an extracurricular setting that opened up possibilities for teaching and learning previously thought unthinkable. In doing so he realized that change is possible within Austrian schools today. However, to enable all schools in Austria to work as learning organisms and in order to move forward towards educational justice, he believes that the organizational level must be changed. Co-founding Framework Education was his way of tackling this issue.
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Amke Lehr
Amke LehrFounder - Austria
After studying International Relations, Amke worked as a Consultant in the finance sector and at the OSCE, before becoming a Teach for Austria Fellow in 2014. Since then she has been active in local politics and has founded a startup that offers consulting at intersection of education and businesses. She envisions an education system that will prepare the next generation for the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. With Framework Education she has co-founded a platform to spread her vision of a sustainable education system.
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Daiga Brakmane
Daiga BrakmaneAmbassador - Latvia
Daiga has developed a deep understanding about education systems in various roles she has taken on and outside the system. As a Teach For Latvia fellow she taught for two years in a comprehensive school. She also developed and approbated school material. She is now expert and trainer for “Skola 2030”, the biggest education reform project Latvia has seen in the past decades.
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Lenka Uhrova
Lenka UhrovaEditor - Iceland
Mother of 3+1 son by choice. Freelance educator and facilitator and the founder of Rökstólar Samvinnumiðstöð (vehicle for social change). Lenka is passionate about EMPOWERING LEARNING SPACES and loves to explore various ways how to create it and use it, be it in formal or non-formal educational contexts. She believes that implementing of Empowering learning spaces in today´s educational realities, is one way how to support work with inclusion and diversity, while securing WELL BEING. Cooperation with Framework Education represents a leverage, helping us create support mechanisms needed in local educational realities. We are currently located in Iceland and our focus is particularly in rural areas.
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Max Saudino
Max SaudinoEditor - Austria
Sharing the unique perspective of an American growing up in a German speaking country has been Max’s passion and career path. He worked as an English teacher for children and adults aged 3 to 99 before taking up a more academic trajectory. The experience he’s gained working with such a diverse set of students over the years has been essential for his current work as a cultural mediator and translator. His goal has always been the same: To level the playing field, so that actors from different walks of life and cultural backgrounds can come together as equals and develop better solutions.
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Catherine Voets
Catherine VoetsAmbassador - Belgium
Catherine Voets studied teacher training and mastered in educational sciences. She has teached in Flemish secondary schools, a cypriot private school, a polish public primary school and was a a Teach for Belgium fellow in a French secondary school in Brussels. Today she is an alumni coordinator for the non-profit organization of informal education ToekomstATELIERdelAvenir (alias TADA). She is sharing her Belgium perspective on Framework Education.
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Valerie Naske
Valerie NaskeAmbassador - Germany
Valerie studied Business with special regards to culture and language before she started her Fellowship with Teach First Deutschland. She believes in equal chances for all student to succeed in the school system. She is complementing Framework Education with her focus on diversity management and growth opportunities.
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“We’re not going to save this planet and ourselves by perfecting the old education systems we have in place now.  We must reimagine education, grounded in the vision and values of students and families who are experiencing those systems.  I’m inspired by FrEdu’s efforts to ask the hard questions of WHY and WHO as a means of unleashing educators’ leadership toward reimagining education.”

Steven Farr, Senior Director, Classroom Leadership
Teach For All

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Framework Education is working to help education systems evolve.

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