We believe that quality education is of utmost importance for countries around the world. However, despite its importance, many attempts at implementing new education policies have failed over the past decades.

the struggles

Even industrialized countries struggle to adopt new education policies, sometimes due to the centuries old, inflexible structures they are built upon. In many cases the legislative conditions determine how far sighted political actions can be, resulting in shallow legislative approaches and a missing vision for an education of the 21st century. These education systems often end up in gridlock.


missed chances

Paradoxically, the solutions to the challenges ahead are lying right at our doorstep. Best Practices in education are to be found everywhere in the world and especially in Europe. However, reflection and implementation of these seem lightyears away in many countries. Therefore, Framework Education works tirelessly to help stakeholders understand and implement the changes and processes needed, to enable learning and evolving education systems.

What we do

We work with education professionals worldwide to identify challenges in European education systems, to collect and analyze best practices from various school systems and to make them accessible to all educational stakeholders and to a broader audience. Find out about them today on this website, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We bring together education stakeholders from across Europe to discuss best practices to tackle local challenges in education in our monthly podcast. You can follow live or listen to the recording later. We also host various offline events around Europe. Depending on the country, these events might be invitation only. We aim to hold the first framework education conference in 2019.

We empower sustainable transformation of regional and national education systems by supporting initiatives that tackle long-term educational goals for regions or countries.


Why us?

Framework Education stands outside the nation-state political institutions and works on an international level irrespective of national boundaries. We also support different stakeholders on different levels:

regions and countries

  • throughout Europe to create and implement holistic educational visions in an inclusive process with all relevant educational actors.

education stakeholders & grassroots movements

  • by bringing them together and giving them a united voice through this platform

European Union

  • by working in a continuous process to link and provide a platform for educational stakeholders, who join together in a constructive, scientific and long-term educational discourse that culminates in the formulation of a common vision for a 21st century education system.
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