The vision of a united Europe has many facets. What few people dare dream of is a common, European school. But exactly this school already exists! The “schola Europaea” is even a completely independent educational system. The first school was founded in Luxembourg, in 1953 and had the objective of providing an education to the children of employees of the institutions of the European Coal and Steel Community a forerunner of today’s European Union. Originally, a private initiative of employees of the ECSC, the concept attracted the attention of EU founding father, Jean Monnet as capturing the spirit of the post-war effort to reconcile and integrate Europe.Today the school system is a public institution run by the international organisation “The European Schools“. We have been able to win the headmaster of the European School in Munich, Drs. Rudolph J. Ensing for our podcast and asked him what makes the European School System unique in his eyes.

You can find the Curriculum of the school here.

Cycle  ​​Classes Age
​’Early education’ (Nursery) ​1-2 ​4 and 5
​Primary ​1-5 ​6-10
Observation cycle
Pre-orientation cycle
Orientation cycle